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Meet Jill Ozovek - Founder of The Career Passport

Jill Ozovek has always captured me with her core belief that you don't need a dream job to live the dream. She's helping 30-something women come up with a plan to live their best life- which doesn't always mean hustling and burning out. After hosting many topic-focused dinner salons, she's taking the Career Kitchen on the road with new Career Passport retreats! Read her story below..

Girl in patterned dress against patterned wall in Spain

What are you currently working on?​

I've launched my retreat business! I had a blast at one I led in the fall and the next one is in early 2018 (Go to https://thecareerpassport.com/about-retreats/ to learn more and snag a steep discount in the month of October). I am a career development advisor and I believe (from personal experience) that the best breakthroughs are had when you're out of your day to day grind. So in addition to my online courses and private coaching, I am bringing 30-something fab ladies on travel adventures for their careers to fuel their mind and body - AND give them huge AHA moments and next steps for their careers.

"My advice: take that step to travel solo, talk to as many people you know who have travelled there."

girl in Antigua wearing sunglasses

How was the idea for your business born?

It was born several different ways. One: I did it myself. When I quit my job and moved to Argentina, I was realizing all sorts of things about myself and what I wanted and what I would no longer tolerate. I came up with my non-negotiables and guiding principles without sitting down to...write it out. It just kind of happened, because I was open to receiving. So I know from experience that this is a great way to spend a few days - in a combo of relaxation, adventure, and career work- to figure out some major next steps! More recently, I just started experimenting. I started a private supper club called the Career Kitchen Dinner Salon, where I host monthly dinners and cook seasonal and organic food for small groups of 4-7 women, and we talk about a specific career topic. When I realized that they were filling up without any promotion, I thought about getting people more off the grid than a dinner, and started to talk to people about what they'd need to see in a career-related retreat to attend.

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How do you balance the demands of a job with nurturing this dream?

girl in ocean with hammock

Oh man, I love this question! I have a few key ones: 1. I schedule my pilates, yoga and barre classes as if it were a work meeting in my calendar. I sign up for class (and if I don't show I get charged $$$). I leave a buffer before and after for stretching, foam rolling, showering, etc. 2. I cook a lot of easy, delicious meals a couple of times a week, so there's always something in the fridge that is healthy and will fuel me. I also only really drink water and limit sugar. If I'm tired, I'm useless and can't fuel the dream. 3. I take breaks, although I could be better at this. I also make sure I have a couple nights a week for relaxing and spending time with my husband with no plans.

What has been your boldest career or life change?​​

Quitting my high profile, demanding six figure job without a plan and moving to Argentina. My advice: take that step to travel solo, talk to as many people you know who have travelled to the location you would like to travel to. Do research to understand the cultural nuances in order to know how to dress appropriately, how to feel like a local, and areas to avoid/when to avoid them. Have an open mind, use your intuition, and find someone that you know in that country (could be a friend of a friend, or a Travelista)!

Where are you traveling next?

New Orleans, Argentina (Mendoza) and Portugal!

Want to follow Jill on her journey? Check her out on instagram, twitter, facebook, linkedin, or visit her The Career Passport.