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A Slow Travel Story from Shabrina Koeswologito

Shabrina's first overseas trip was a one-month exchange program in Sweden in 2001, at 11 years old. Following this, she was exposed to over 10 different cultures, living independently in various countries. She's been hooked ever since!

For a woman and native Indonesian, solo traveling is not the norm. That all changed in 2014, when she met other bloggers and discovered that there’s another way of life that would let her earn money on the road. Then came the launch of her travel site, Slow Travel Story. Learn more about it in our interview with Shabrina below!

What are you currently working on?

I'm interested in the intersection of tech, travel, startup, and community. I self-published a guidebook, “Bali From Locals,” on Amazon. Previously I led the Community Building and Digital Marketing for Zomato and Ohnut. I am a regular contributor at Thrive Global, Thought Catalog, and World Nomads, among other publications. If I'm not traveling I divide my time in New York, USA and Jakarta, Indonesia.

How was the idea for your business born?

In 2014, I felt I needed to learn how to write, I hated writing at that time. That's when I started my first travel blog.

How do you balance the demands of a job and daily life with nurturing this dream?

Lots of meditation! I meditate 5-10 minutes every day.

What has been your boldest career or life change?

Moving to NYC for my master's degree.

What has been the biggest obstacle during your journey?

Getting a work permit in the US.

How would you like to impact the travel industry?

Sharing that traveling is not about checking off of your bucket list. But it's about immersing with the local culture.

We all know travel can bring us to unexpectedly * magical * moments . Tell us about one you’ve experienced.

When I finally learned to say "no" confidently at Burning Man. You can read about it here.

How are you using what you've been given in life to bring more good to the world? (Or how would you like to?)

By building a strong community among travelers, especially for female entrepreneurs who love to make things.

Check out Shabrina's blog at Slow Travel Story and follow her on Instagram!