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Fit on the Fly- Meet Shelby Albo

Shelby Albo has turned her passion for travel and fitness into a career that allows her to do what she loves and inspire others along the way. And I don't know about you, but staying fit while traveling is not an easy feat! Find out how she's making in happen for her clients below..

fitness instructor at the beach

What are you currently working on?

I am currently a certified Travel Specialist by day. I am also a fitness instructor in Manhattan. Combining my two passions, I started TravelFitLove.com. I write about how to stay active while traveling and review different fitness studios. I hope to inspire people to try something new and to maintain an active lifestyle while exploring.

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How do you balance the demands of a job and daily life with nurturing this dream?

I teach in the morning and at night in order to work with my travel clients during the day. On my commutes I work on my Instagram posts and blog content. I don't know what TFL will turn into but for now I just hope to inspire others.

What has been your boldest career or life change?

In college, I studied abroad in Australia. I absolutely loved it and knew that my time there was too short. So, after college I decided to move to Sydney to pursue Dance while also working as a Pilates instructor. The abroad program completely changed my life path to not only move there, but to now work in Tourism for that country!

How would you like to impact the travel industry?

I would love to help others maintain healthy lifestyles while traveling. I also encourage people to work with travel specialists! They have been to the destinations and some do not charge for their services!

Yoga pose with mountains

Where are you traveling next?

I am currently laying at the beach 😎 Heading to Bermuda next month followed by China. I've always wanted to "hike" The Great Wall!

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Have you ever taken a trip alone? What’s your advice to women who are hesitant to solo-travel?​​

YES! I backpacked Europe for two months after college, right before moving across the world by myself. It's a very empowering experience. Just be conscious of your surroundings and have some type of plan.

Where is your ultimate “happy place”?

Where I can have the sand in my toes, sun on my face, and a dose of Vitamin Sea 😉

Want to follow Shelby on her journey? Check her out on instagram, twitter, or follow her blog.